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February 6, 2015

Nashville NEWS-- February 28 and March 1, 2015

Excitement is high for both designers and shops in anticipation of the new Nashville Show.  Mary and I have been working to put it all together and will be there with new fun things from our Workbasket.  Please stop in Room #318 and see our four new charts as well as three new kits and new black mother-of-pearl scissor fobs in addition to our white ones.  We will also have 10 of the 12 Quaker Bands completed and sewn together for you to see. We have used Needle Point Silks with 10 of 12 different linens from Weeks Dye Works.  August, September, and October are kitted ready for purchase.  December is coming soon.  Pictures of all our charts and kits can be viewed on our “New/s” page.

Two of our charts are just in time for Easter--Carrot Talk and PunniesCarrot Talk depicts 3 rabbits gathered around a rather large carrot; stitched in one solid color on Vintage Copper from Lakeside Linen.  I wonder what they are discussing.........?  Punnies is a chart with two designs--“Some Bunny Loves You” and “Owl See You in My Dreamz”.  We have used From the Cauldron Mini Pom Poms for trims as well as lots of beads for some bling and blanket stitching for detail.  Fun!

“We blossom and flourish as leaves on a tree and wither and perish but naught changest thee.”  Mary has added some beautiful blooms to the verse to create Flourish.  There is also a smaller version with a single bloom and the word, Flourish that we have finished into a small pillow as well as a framed piece.  I saw the first evidence of spring bulbs appearing today while out in my back yard.  I am ready for some blossoms and flourishing.

Our last new chart is a limited edition re-print of a chart we published in 2002 and has since sold out.  Americana is a long horizontal piece with American motives arranged in a scene.  It was inspired by another similar chart that we published first called Landscape which is based on a portion of a Dutch sampler located at the bottom of a sampler.  Many Dutch samplers have this border (grondje) depicting motives from Dutch life arranged in a horizontal scene at the bottom. Americana has an oak tree, a salt box house, an American flag, a colonial gentleman and lady, an apple tree, a sunflower and a windmill along with various critters.

The Workbasket will offer 3 new kits--Buttons and Wool in red, Williamsburg blue and green.  Each color kit is sold separately and comes with a piece of #35 Cocoa linen from Weeks Dye Works, 1-5 mother-of-pearl buttons, a piece of WDW wool, a skein of Needlepoint Inc. Silk, and fabric for backing.  We have used the same silk to blanket stitch around the edge of the small pillows as an embellishment.   

In addition to our white mother-of-pearl scissor fobs, we will have black mother-of-pearl scissors fobs.  They are perfect as a lovely gift for a friend or as a treat for yourself. 

Please come and see us in room 318.  We will have a freebie as well as a few of our upcoming designs.  We look forward to seeing you there and sharing the excitement of this all-new Nashville show.