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February 5, 2016

2016 Nashville News

Mary and I, as always, are excited about the coming 2016 Nashville Market.  It is such an inspiring (yet humbling) time to be with other designers, thread companies, linen companies and all the other wonderful embellishments and accessories that are part of our industry.  It is a treat to experience it first-hand.

The Workbasket has been designing, stitching and finishing throughout the year to prepare five new designs for this market as well as a few upcoming designs.  We have also been working to prepare a class and will have the class pieces available to see in our room #318.  Please go to our New/News page for pictures of all our new charts.  Pictures will be uploaded a bit closer to market time.  

One of the designs this year will be in a kit form—WOODLAND MARKS.  After packaging our Quaker Bands in plastic book mark sleeves, we were inspired to design some woodland scenes that are custom designed to actually fit into smaller book mark sleeves.  The kit includes a full-sized (11 by 17) leaflet of six individual charts and enough linen, backing, adhesive and plastic sleeves to make  two  bookmarks.  Additional kits for the bookmarks may be purchased separately and the chart itself may be purchased separately.  The individual charts may also be stitched and finished into small pillows or pin cushions.  They are a quick stitch as well as a quick finish.  Full instructions are provided for finishing a stitched piece into a book mark.  

I have been collecting chocolate rabbit molds for quite a time now and have used one for inspiration for our SPRING CHOCOLATE RABBIT who has his basket full of spring flowers.  It is the first in a series of seasonal Chocolate Rabbits.  Stay tuned for our next inspiration.  This is a single page 81/2 by 11 chart.  

Mary, Mary is at it again.  She has designed two charts that go together—CONTRARY MARY and PLUCK THE WEED.  Both share a similar fenced-in garden structure but with different sayings such as “Mary, Mary, quite contrary…..”  and “Pluck the Weed. Grow the Flower”.  Pluck the Weed uses warm brown tones and shades of aqua while Mary Mary sports bold reds and blues.  Bold and contrary—I guess they kind of go together.   We have named them Contrary Mary which comes in an 11 by 17 leaflet with both designs.  

Psalm 17:8 contains two prayers that I have always cherished:  “Keep me as the apple of your eye” and “Hide me in the shelter of your wings”.  I have designed a chart for the first prayer and the second is in the wings so to speak.  It is a simple design but with such an important message—KEEP ME AS THE APPLE OF YOUR EYE.  This is a single 81/2 by 11 page chart.

Our last chart we will offer is in keeping with our Quaker series of animals and a few other Quakerish things.  This new design features a crow or blackbird.  We have named it QUAKER CROW.  It is “built” around a Quaker motive.  I have read that crows are highly intelligent and ours looks rather imposing.  We hope you like it.  It is printed as a single 8 1/2 by 11 chart.  

We will also have a charming freebie for your shops—The Gathering.  I have included a picture of this on our New/News page.  All pictures will be posted shortly.  

Our Quaker Bands are rolling along well and we are ready to publish the 8th in our series which will be February.  We will publish the February Quaker Band sometime after market.  We will have the complete piece of all 12 months at market so be sure to stop in and see it.  We are also toying with the idea of separating them into individual months and finishing each as a pillow to go into a large wooden bowl.  We would love your input whether or not to separate them all!