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JULY 21, 2014 
Mary and I are in the final stages of preparation for the St. Charles market in mid August.  This will be our first ever St. Charles so it is really special for us.  We are just about ready to send our charts off to the printers so nearly there......nearly there.  We have a few pictures to take yet so please check back in with us by week's end and they should all be on our "NEW/S" page.  We will have 3 new charts with us, a new kit which is ongoing (more on that further down), a show special, a new needlepoint canvas and something beautiful that Mary and I have made for your workbaskets.

First, our new charts--Quaker Holidays, Hootenannies and Deer Tree.  Yes, we have two new Quakers in one chart! Our Quaker Turkey loves strutting through some local pine cones with his "gobbler" while the Quaker Angel is equipped with a halo and wings.  Both are finished as stand ups.  It was a challenge to find a location in the summertime that looks like Autumn and Winter.  I was able to find a wealth of pine cones and also some holly with blue berries while out on a walk with my dog.  Perfect!  

Mary has been working on her Hootenannies since before the Nashville Market in February.  She has finished not only the whole design with 17 owls but then she has re-stitched many of them individually. Three are stitched on  #10 Tula and finished to stand up on a log.  She also stitched some owls over one and finished the pieces into a pin cushion, a small framed piece, a magnet and a small quilted pillow.  There are so many possibilities with this chart.  What a hoot!

Mary has also designed and stitched a design we are calling Deer Tree.  It is stitched on an old-looking green linen from Weeks Dye Works and includes deer, trees and birds in lovely autumn colors.  Currently as I write this, we are in the midst of a heat wave here in Denver and it is an escape to think about the coolness of Autumn.  

Our 4th design is the show special.  Early in the 2000's, we published a design called Old McMary's which sold out quite a few years ago.  We lost the original layout through computer deaths and so have redone it in our new format with 4 color. We will have a limited number of the charts available for shops attending the St. Charles market.  

I am really excited about our kits!  Years ago, The Workbasket designed 12 Quaker of the Months and gave them away as freebies and then also published them as a chart.  Each month featured a Quaker medallion that had been tweaked to include a monthly theme such as a snowflake for January, a sunflower for August,  a turkey for November.....etc. and an alphabet.  The formerly square designs have been re-formatted, tweaked and added to, transforming them into a band for each month. We are packaging each month as an individual bookmark in a plastic sleeve.  A photo of the stitched month is featured on the front of the bookmark and the chart is printed on back of the card.  Each month will have a different color #35 count linen from Weeks Dye Works and Needlepoint Inc. silks for stitching; totaling 12 bands of different color linens and themes to be sewn together at the end creating  a long band sampler.  We have stitched August for the market and will have that available in kit form.  September, October, December and January are also stitched and will be available as models to see.  The other 7 months will be available in chart form for you to see the complete 12 months.   The bookmark packaging is unique, the designs are Quaker sampler-based, and the finished product will be one of a kind.  Please stop in our room to see this exciting new venture for The Workbasket.

Our Needlepoint canvas---Mary has combined 12 of our Quaker Houses from our last two Nashville kits to make a stunning collection of the houses--Quaker House Collection.  The canvas has been hand-painted on #18 Ecru.

A special scissor fob for your workbasket---Buttons have always interested me.  I have made mother of pearl button necklaces for many of my friends and using the same technique, have made a scissor fob.  I was able to teach this technique for the Rocky Mountain Sampler Guild and the fobs turned out beautifully.  Each fob has 14 mother of pearl buttons, some of which are carved, and a lobster claw for attaching to your favorite pair of scissors.  Mary and I have made these fobs which are available as a finished product.  They are absolutely charming.  We hope you will come in and have a look.  I will upload a picture as soon as it is available.  

As usual, we will also have most of our models for the Nashville 2015 market and a Freebie chart.  Please stop in and see us in room #622 as we are looking forward to seeing you.