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October 18, 2014

Mary and I have finished six of our Quaker of the Month Bands and have sewn them together.  It is really starting to look good.  I have added a picture of the September Band as well as a picture of  August through December stitched together.  Have a look at our "NEW/S  PAGE" for the pictures.   Hopefully it will serve as an inspiration.  We also have January stitched and will start on February soon.  

I counted out 16 threads from the top-most cross stitch and bottom-most cross stitch and then pulled the 17th thread out.  You can use a needle to pull it out.  That way, I had a pretty good stitching line to follow.  I basted the two pieces together in the space of the pulled thread and then sewed using a machine.  This allows for about a 1/2 inch of each linen between the bands.  The colors are stunning together.  The September Band kit of green apples ready to be harvested is available in stores now and the October band with acorns and oak leaves will be available before year's end.  Enjoy!