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We are getting ready for Nashville February 14,15 and 16, 2014

January 19th, 2014

Congratulations Denver Broncos!  Great win in the playoffs!

Mary and I are getting all our ducks in a row and anticipating the Nashville Market.  The Workbasket will have 4 new charts as well as a limited edition kit and some goodies to take home from Make and Take.  It has been pretty busy around our houses.  

In alphabetical order, our four new designs are:

All Things Sampler
Diagonal Sampler
Tho the Wrong

All Things Sampler is a large design with a basket (a Workbasket?) at the center which we have overfilled with traditional sampler motives.  Mary and I both found coverlets this past summer at the French Market in Denver and Mary 's has inspired a few designs.  She has charted the coverlet and added words of Comfort in the midst of the design which uses her favorite colors and the colors of the original coverlet.  Diagonal Sampler is just that--a sampler stitched in diagonal bands with two alphabets, crowns, birds and stars in between the diagonal borders.  We then added an area to write your name and turned it into a needle roll with some lovely coverlet fabric for the inside lining.  It was originally intended to be like our American Indian parfleches with the top and bottom meeting in the middle.  Somewhat like an illuminated letter, Mary has illuminated a hymn with four border scenes from simpler times--Tho The Wrong

Instead of Skinny Quaker Houses like last year, our limited edition kits this year are Chunky Quaker Houses.  The chunky house charts come with WDW linen, Belle Soie Silk, a padded cardboard to to use for finishing and a painted hand-made wooden thread keeper like last year but on a somewhat larger scale.  The kits come in a deep red, deep purple blue, yellow green and warm brown.  Each color is sold as a separate kit.  

We really look forward to seeing all of you this last Nashville Market.  Let's make it a great one.  We will upload pictures to our "New Page" sometime later this week.  Stay tuned...........